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Press Release 1/3/09

The NM site is changing, don't worry MTB is still a main part, however we will be adding much more including general fitness, exercise and lots of exciting new bits.

Munkies up North

The mountain biking adventures of the Northern Munkies a team of northern mountain bikers exploring England and way beyond... Check out our guide to the Lake district - places to go, places to stay, landmarks in the Lake District, things to do and much more

Downhill riding, X Country mountain biking, Lake District & surrounding areas Guide. The latest downhill videos & reports from the SDA & other mtb championships. Accommodation guide - hotels, places to visit,

Mountain bike guide to the lake district.

Munkies Downhill History

The Northern Munkies originate from North West England "The gateway to the Lake District". We have been mountain biking throughout the North West of England and the Lake District, for over 15 years, however In the last 5 years our mountain biking trail riding has lead to us venturing futher afield, our bikes were upgraded as were our skills. Why not take a trip with the Northern Munkies round the mountain biking routes in the North West, Lake District, Scotland & Wales.

The Northern Munkies mountain bike guide to the lake district & UK gives the latest information on English mountain biking routes, Scottish cycling routes & Welsh mountain biking trails. Have a look at Grizedale Forest - the north face trail. This mountain bike guide covers many parts of the UK and is ever expanding, at present it mainly focusses on the The Lake District from mountain bike routes recommended by the Northern Munkies to mountain biking pictures, mountain biking tips, videos, mountain bike tuning, mountain bike specifications and even a blog to keep track of the Munkies. EnJoi

Garburn PassGarburn Pass in the Kentmere Valley - Lake District national park

There is a range of detailed North West mountain biking routes and mountain biking maps showing where to visit in the Lake District, Grizedale Forest - North face trail, Silverdale Eaves wood, Arnside Knott, Garburn Pass, Kentmere valley, Coniston lake, Satterthwaite, Ambleside and many more. The Northern Munkies aim is to provide a guide into mountain biking in the Lake District and UK. The Munkies experience great rides ranging from moderate mountain biking routes e.g. Eaves wood in Silverdale to difficult routes e.g. Garburn Pass & Kentmere Valley. The Northern Munkies have some of the coolest mountain biking terrain in the whole of england right on our doorstep.

Mountain biking lake district

The Northern Munkies ride a variety of mountain bikes including Full suspension mountain bikes Kona Coiler Dee Lux & Cannondale Jekyll to hard tails bikes and downhill bikes like the Santa Cruz Chameleon ridden by Ben.

The Lake District is ideal to test your mountain biking skills, using your hope discs and 10 inch travel forks to the max take advantage of the North West of England, join the Northern Munkies on mtb exploration - The coolest Mountain bike guide to the lake district and beyond.

mountain biking garburn pass

Northern Munkies ready for riding Garburn Pass in the Kentmere Valley 05/06

Grizedale North face route riders send in your times for the Grizedale Red route - the record at present is the Blandy Bros running 1.30 hrs. Post your times on the blog under trial times Grizedale.


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The Northern Munkies gives upto date information on the sport and past-time of mountain biking in the Lake District and biking in the North West also gives you a guide to cool events and places to visit in the Lake District national park.

Check out the Northern Munkies Lake District mountain bike routes page and detailed mountain biking biking maps, included is a guide to the Lakes in the Lake District and a North West accommodation guide covering the Lake District including the best hotels in the North West, you will find information about the areas covered including any characteristics of the area.

garburn pass northern munkies

Ben, Geoff & Dunc poor shane taking the photo - Ill Bell summit- Garburn Pass

North Face Trail in Grizedale Forest - officially opened March 06

If your after a really challenging Lake District mountain bike ride take a look at The North Face trail, this trail situated in Grizedale forest is great, the actual mountain bike trail is 9.7 miles long and includes some great obstacles such as drop offs, gang planks and some awesome jumps, the Northern Munkies have tested this mtb trail out and all agree the course is well engineered with a variety of terrains, the day we trialled the Grizedale North Face trail, it was muddy and snowy hence adding an extreme element to the biking experience, great fun. Take a look at the blog to read up on it.

Grizedale Forests North Face trail is now almost completely bedded in, a great opportunity for mountain biking this easter, The North Face Trail is part of the Grizedale regeneration project.

Mountain Biking In the Uk

Mountain biking in the Lake District drop in and see the Grizedale Forest team, many bikes for hire, great team to help you, even offering help to mountain bikers in need of advice or to help repair bits after those inevitable tumbles - Thanks guys for helping the Northern Munkies on Friday.

Glen Tress - Why not adventure round Glen Tress in Scotland, superb Scottish mountain biking terrain.

Lake District - This is the ultimate mountain bike guide to the Lake District - Check it out.

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