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Robs Air Time

Rob started following downhill mountainbike racing in january of last year when he first bought his New kona coiler deluxe downhill bike, this brought a whole new meaning to the world of mountain biking for Rob he started to go for for advanced tricks he was dropping in off high drop offs 6 or 7 ft and jumping higher than previously, just because he had 6' of travel on his slick forks to deal with the impact. After a few months of flying down the downhills of Garburn Pass and the Lake District Rob ventured further afield towards the likes
of Innerliethien, Glentress and Ae forest.

Robs thought was to get downhilling riding in a big way, he therefore made the supreme sacrafice & traded in the Kona coiler in for the downhilll monster the Kona Stab Deluxe which is the one down from the Kona Stab Supreme sucessfully ridden by Fabien Barel and Tracy
Mosely gaining them the World cup several times.

Rob Downhill Biker Air Time

The Kona Stab Deluxe bike is an all out downhill rigg estup with only nine gears and it weighs in at more than your average Bentley, making it ideal for big drops and great airtime for the jumps that you encounter when hammering or riding it on a decent downhill trail.

After Rob got the rigg the guy started experimenting day in day out with bigger and higher jumps, drops and obstacles at some of the courses the UK has to offer such as AE Forest, he believes the best way for an awesome ride is to psyche himself up and head off a main drop at Ae forest...

Check out Rob and Scotland downhill riding.

SDA Championships

March brings Rob and his team to the the SDA downhill national points series, a real series of races to test. The Trails are held in Innerliethien, Ae Forest, Dunkeld, Fort William, Moy and Pitfichie Rob is training now and in March 07 rob and his team will be riding the SDA Series sponsored by RJM Joinery & easy loans.

Robs bike pics & specs


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