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A Guide to the Lake District - Silverdale

A little about Silverdale

Silverdale is situated on the edge of the Lake District National Park in North West Lancashire. The village of Silverdale is a great location for mountain biking & famed for its Pepper Pot. Silverdale is a haven for wildlife including an RSPB nature reserve at Leighton Moss famous for its small and treasured collection of Bitterns, one of the rarest wading birds in Britain. Silverdale Leighton Moss is an RSPB bird reserve stretching over much of Silverdale from the newly aquired area in front of Warton Crag to just outside Yealand. Leighton Moss is famed throughout the UK and brings many thousands of avid bird watchers to Silverdale. The village of Silverdale even has a gallery the Wolf House Gallery. The Wolf House gallery has a range of arts from local artists it also houses a gift shop and restaurant even a small play area for children. The Wolf house gallery is conveniently positioned roadside just off Lindeth road Silverdale opposite Silverdale Gibraltar farm. The Wolf House gallery is a great place to relax and view a little culture at the same time.

silverdale mountain biking


Silverdale shore, Silverdale Cove and Jenny Browns Point

The Village of Silverdale is situated on the coast of Morecambe bay, this setting provides a very picturesgue coastline across Morecambe an ideal place for biking in Silverdale. Why not explore some of Silverdale's shore lines maybe a walk from Jenny Browns Point, across silverdale shore and up through Silverdale Cove shore past a deep cave and back over the Silverdale Lotts. The Lotts are great for sledging in the winter months, many hills ideally suited for children wanting to sledge safely with gentle slopes and the odd steep hill, If your looking for more rugged sledging in the North West look further afield.

Silverdale Biking

The Village of Silverdale on the outskirts of Lake District is cycling heaven, many biking trails and tracks ideal for biking, Silverdale biking? Yes superb, the location is generally a passing through location on longer mountain bike rides, for example Milnthorpe to Warton Crag, although Silverdale does have many cycling routes. Biking in Silverdale has been popular for many years, mainly due to its variety of biking terrains ideal for mountain biking. Silverdale has a mix of technical mountain biking terrain and more relaxed cycling terrains, an awesome place to explore on a bike.

Silverdale Golf Club

The village of Silverdale has its own Golf club with clubhouse, aptly named Silverdale Golf Club, the golf club situated on the outskirts of Silverdale until recently only had a 9 hole golf course now an 18 hole thanks to Silverdale Golf club applying for an extra 9 holes, Silverdale Golf Course now attracts many more experienced golfers to Silverdale.

Silverdale Eaves Wood

Silverdale Eaves wood is owned by the National Trust and stretches over a large area of Silverdale practically into Arnside - Eaves wood in Silverdale stretches from the far end of Silverdale - The Row all the way to Holgates caravan park. Silverdale Eaves wood is populated by many types of trees and shrubs from Sycamores to Pines, also hidden in Silverdale Eaves wood is the Silverdale Pepper Pot. The Pepper Pot is a man made structure situated at the top of Eaves wood, built to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, the Silverdale pepper pot is a great vantage point allowing amazing views from across Silverdale and Morecambe bay. On very clear days you can see great views for miles, including Silverdale also views across Lancashire, beyond Lancaster, even the Isle of Man.

Silverdale Eaves wood is a great place for walking but doesn't allow mountain biking, years ago mountain biking wasn't a problem how ever with the errosion of the footpaths it was decided mountain biking would be outlawed, it is still possible to link to other routes via Eaves wood. There are many other places for mountain biking in Silverdale -

Another great vantage point is Arnside Knott experience views across the whole of Silverdale.

Trowbarrow Quarry

Trowbarrow quarry is a great place for mountain bike jumping, general biking, rock climbing and generally exploring. Trowbarrow is a renown location for rock climbing. On a summers day you can see many climbers climbing the perfect faces of Trowbarrow quarry. Silverdale's Trowbarrow quarry is the perfect climbing venue, over the 10 years Trowbarrow quarry has been managed professionally and is a very pleasant place to visit. Silverdale Trowbarrow Quarry fulfils a number of functions ideal for rock climbing: A good local evening crag easily reached from the M6, an excellent climbing destination, best pitches and as a reliable wet weather alternative to those drenched in the Lake District.

There are many ways to get to Trowbarrow quarry, the easiest is to head for Silverdale Leighton Moss an RSPB Bird reserve. Trowbarrow is a short drive out of Silverdale approx 1 mile with Leghton Moss on your righthandside. Trowbarrow quarry is then on your lefthandside next to a convenient pathway.

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Places to visit in Silverdale

Silverdale Wolf house Gallery
Silverdale Holgates Caravan Park
The Royal Hotel Silverdale
The Silverdale Hotel
The Woodlands Hotel
Silverdale Leighton Moss
Silverdale Gibraltar Farm
Silverdale Golf Club

Northern Munkies recommended rides in Silverdale, Lancashire

Eaves wood link Silverdale Via Holgates caravan park, Arnside


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